Netinary, essential French leader in the field of public Wifi, addresses operators or companies of all sizes seeking sustainable solutions that enables them to operate high-speed wireless Internet spaces ("Hotspots" or "Workspots").

Its technology has been chosen and recognized for the exploitation of the most complex sites since the opening of the wireless broadband communications market in France in 2002. Netinary solutions receive significant feedback. They are installed and are in production for several years on big French sites, even the most complex. This experience also allowed Netinary to validate the security of its solutions, including through audits by its clients.

The Netinary solutions have been designed and developed to answer first to the peculiarities of "wireless". They are based on an open architecture which gives them: flexibility of evolution, portability, ease of new components integration, adaptability...

Choose Netinary solution is to guarantee:

    • The best service for the end user:
      • Ease of use (Zero config, captive portal,...)
      • Web filtering, advanced QoS management
      • Most appropriate account creation (SMS, selfcreation of account, PMS, Credit Card …)
      • Personalized welcome, targeting
    • To provide the most appropriate service to the company:
      • Optimized architecture, OPEX/CAPEX reduction
      • Proven solution
      • Variety of authentication methods, the most integrated account management
      • Adaptability to different business models
      • Customization richness, open platform, links with PMS / VoD systems
      • Scalability : Push content module, Business corner …
    • Increased security:
      • Protection of the users and the corporate network
      • Redundancy/Clustering, WAN links loadbalancing
      • Compliance with legal obligations
      • Supervision of account management
      • PCI / DSS compliance for Credit Card
      • Sustainable and scalable investment