Netinary solutions have been designed and developed to answer the wireless peculiarities in the operator context. It is based on an open architecture which gives : flexibility of evolution, portability, ease of integration of new component, adaptability…

Netinary products meet the critical needs of the operators :

  • Control of the network security
  • Management of the quality of service management (QOS, modular bandwidth allocation)
  • Integration into the current system (LDAP connectors, Radius,...)
  • Multi-architecture (layer 2 or layer 3 user flow, with or without a MultiBox on premise,...)

And helps to manage the users :

  • Ergonomics and ease of connection (IP zero configuration)
  • Multiple methods of authentication (captive portals, EAP SIM, 802.1x, MAC address,…)
  • Control and assign access rights based on a notion of profile

The deployment of a complete multi sites MultiBox solution is based on several network elements responsible for :

  • The management of the Data plan deployed on the site or in the operator’s NOC. The products that can be used are the Site MultiBox (SMB), the Embedded MultiBox (EMB), the Wireless MultiBox (WMB) and the Local MultiBox (LMB).
  • The management of the Control plan by a Central MultiBox and a Roaming MultiBox deployed in the operator’s NOC in order to controle the access and the billing of the service.
  • The management of legal requirement
  • The logs management of the sites, centralized and operated for the support team

The Site MultiBox (SMB) is an access controler that provides all the tools necessary to manage the user session of a public Hotspot service. The SMB is necessarily interfaced to a central access server (Central MultiBox) of which it gets the rules to be applied to users. The SMB can be deployed in a centralized way to manage the small HotSpots or on site to manage big HotSpots.
Example : Paris Expo use a SMB to manage the hostpots in the exhibition halls, with a second SMB in failover mode for the high availability.

The Embedded Multibox (EMB) is a lighter version of the Site MultiBox, to be used on embedded devices to deploy low costs sites 
Example : hotspots for fast food chains, cafes,... It is available only for large deployment volumes.

The Central MultiBox (CMB) is an access server which aim is to pilote access controlers (SMB or equivalent) deployed on site. Its principal mission are :

  • authentication and accounting of the subscribers
  • management of the access controlers on site (Radius dialogue)
  • legal requirements management
  • management of the sites and the connection policy per site
  • managing the interconnection between roaming partners
  • management of authorized roamings per site
  • adapting settings per operator

The Central MultiBox (CMB) purpose is to host its own subscriber database (AAA server).

On this basic architecture, you can add several functions to enrich the service :

  • Management of the billing by credit card done by a deployment of a software on the CMB or a Web server linked to the CMB
  • Management of the SMS (sending/reception)
  • Centralized management of the access controlers’ logs
  • Centralized management of the sites configuration
  • Centralized management of captive portals

Netinary also commercializes its products in an ASP mode for the operators.