Netinary solutions, initially dedicated to Telecom Operators, are also declined for all size of organizations through the most complete offer you can find on the market.
Netinary solution meets the specifications required by French and International laws while providing services adapted to new uses whatever the domain of the company wishing to offer a secured Internet access on its site(s).


Autonomous or MultiBox architecture

Netinary solutions are available for autonomous or multisites architecture, which allows to optimize the performances and the costs of the infrastructures, whether it is during the deployment or for the daily management of sites.

Architecture autonome
Based on a “all in one” mono-site controller

  • The PMB – Prime MultiBox - meets the basic needs
  • The LMB – Local MultiBox - meets the advanced needs

MultiSites architecture
Based on a central controller and light controllers on remote sites or centrilized

  • Central MultiBox (administration, users base, logs)
  • Site MultiBox (browsing and network services management)
  • Wireless MultiBox (light controler embedding an access point)

Two formats : Physical or Virtualized VMware appliance
The MultiBox are available as an appliance (box or rack 1U) or as a virtualized solution with VMWare, from 10 to thousands simultaneous connections.


Corporate MultiBox range

Local MultiBox (LMB)

The Local MultiBox is an autonomous manager of the wireless mobility for companies wishing a reliable and complete solution. It supports any feature offered in Netinary catalog. It is a unique turnkey solution to manage hotspots of all sizes.

The LMB is a powerful tool for sites managers or user group managers. It allows to set quickly secured and strong access controls to the corporate network. Fully compliant with all standard devices, the LMB is integrated with a minimum effort and its administration can be done remotely or locally through its web interface. True policy manager of the access on the mobile network, it is compliant with any LAN product and constitutes a complete management solution to manage access services, for a private or public use.

Example: A solution is set at the Citée des Sciences to manage the network access of guests on different areas.

Prime MultiBox (PMB)
The Prime MultiBox is a simplified version of the Local MultiBox. It is intended for small sites managers looking for a standalone solution with low cost and easy to deploy and manage.

Complementary products
Netinary permanently enriches its range of products to

  • Develop the average revenue per user;
  • Vary the sources of income of the site;
  • Retain users with an offer to differentiate