WiFi for hotels and hotel chains

Solutions to increase the level of customer satisfaction

Anticipate the needs of the guests
To increase the customer satisfaction level, it is necessary to meet their needs and adapt to their new uses. Whatever they are, alone or accompanied by professional or leisure travel, bids must correspond to them, be easy to use.

MultiBox Netinary solutions are rich in features:

  • Web filtering and time or period limited (children / adults access)
  • Differentiated access according to users profile (VIP, Guest rooms, Visitors, Seminars, ...)
  • Link with PMS (identification, Premium services, possible purchases, ...)

Solutions for guests to take over the service immediately

It is important for the hotel that the service is ready to be consumed by the guests. With MultiBox solutions, the users can connect with their own devices (PC, Smartphone, tablet, game console) and have all the comfort of a zero configuration access. The usage is simple and does not require technical assistance. They can take over the service immediately, the guests are satisfied at no cost for the hotel. 

Simply evolve according to the economic model of the Hotel
Hotels want to be able to offer high speed Internet access in their guest room or in the common areas (bar, restaurant, conference room, etc.). They also want to bill those services on the room bill (at the check-out), separately (pay at the reception), or even give the choice to buy connections with credit cards. They want to be able to enrich the offers at their pace and simply. Netinary Hotspot solution adapted to the hospitality needs provides this flexibility, it covers these needs and allows to evolve the offer supply of the hotel very easily.

Administer simply, according to the law
Whatever the offers operated in the hotel, you have simple tools to manage it:

  • Pilot the offers by yourself or delegate it to your team
  • Interface with the existing solutions : Fidelio, Locatel or other (Webservices API)
  • Enrich your panel of services with the integrated URL filtering customized per profile
  • Make different offers depending on the user profile, the zone of connection, the group of users, hours and dates…
  • You differentiate your offers according to the modes of purchase and payment (online billing, on the room bill, by credit card, PayPal / Paybox, at the Reception desk…)

The administration interface allows you to manage your network easily: intuitive and ergonomic, it makes your job easier in all situations.

The Netinary solutions are compliant with the provisions relating to the fight against terrorism and with the legal requirements that aim any organization providing a (free or paying) public connection. They also comply with the GDPR.

Enjoy a new communication and transaction media

With the customizable Reception interfaces, you have a communication and transaction media to distribute all the services you wish to offer to you guests.

  • The Reception module allows to manage easily all the services you wish to provide at the Reception desk : create an account through Voucher, Manage the rights, do the Check Out…
  • The guest can authenticate on his own and choose at any time which offer to subscribe through the landing pages.

The administration interface allows to manage the network very simply; Ergonomic and user friendly, it makes your job easier in all situations.

The Hospitality MultiBox range is available for an autonomous or multi sites (hotels chain) architectures, whether in a physical appliance or a virtualized VMWare.