French leader for its authentication solutions and Internet access control, Netinary designs and develops access management platforms for the operation of wireline and wireless for public useprivate use or mixed useThese solutions initially intended for Telecom Operators, are also declined for small structures such as large organizations through the most comprehensive offering in the market.

Managing Guests, Corporate or Customers access
Selected by the biggest players of Telecoms, Industry and Hotel, the range of Netinary products meets the requirements of different types of sites, from the simplest to the most complex, regardless of the type of architecture.

Open, secured and efficient system.
The Netinary solutions fit into any type of existing network infrastructureThey are known since 2001 for their robustnesssafety and performance while offering a wealth of interconnection and administration with existing business solutionsPMS, CB, SMS, SIM, Badges, Business Basics, …

Compliance with legal obligations
The Netinary solutions meet the specific dictated by the French and European legislationwhile providing services adapted to new uses of mobility, be it Hotels, HospitalsSchools of Local Government, or simply to companies wishing to provide secure Internet access on their website.
They comply with the provisions relating to the fight against terrorism and legal requirements addressing any organization allowing free or login to the public.