Controled Internet access in education system

Security and legal requirements
In an environment where nerds and hackers of all kinds merge, it is necessary to control and secure networks, but also effectively meet the legal obligatios or lawful interception (case of legal requests).

Internet for multi public and multi institution
It is necessary to accommodate various populations on site : internal and external staff, leaders, teachers, students, alumni, and researchers; each with priority rules and different access rights according to the dates, times and connection places… It is essential to assign occasional bouts resting up on the system, not the IT administrator of the site.
It is also advisable to set different rights to several institutions from the same user account and manage sites from existing databases (LDAP).


An efficient system to get to the point

MultiBox solution richness allows to build up a reliable solution that meets multiple needs such as:

Simple user subscription for Internet access (free, charged)
Depending on people, places, moments of connection

Multi-mode authentication (autologin, credentials, online purchases, badges,…)

  • Multi-type landing pages that can be customized according to events, places, dates, profiles
  • Several payment modes
  • Inter-sites nomadism
  • Priorities and bandwidth management
  • Simple interfacing with existing appliances (badge management, Shibboleth interface) or specific appliances (web services interface)

Service available 7/7 and 24/24
Management of network emergencies and quality of service (automatic management of network overloads, machines failures, line breaks)

  • Loadbalancing
  • Redundancy
  • Loadbalancing on WAN links

Multi-devices communication
with the same account or not

  • Support on every device (smartphone, tabs, laptop...)

Controle of the connection areas

  • Consolidation and integration of existing systems
  • Priority access rights to the network
  • Content and access protection (secure connections)
  • Digitization and archiving
  • Web filtering according to user profiles
  • Bandwidth Allocation (priority service) and restrictions
  • Ease of use
  • Connection of the user regardless of the terminal and the connection mode
  • Compliance with industry standards

Compliance with legal requirements
Netinary solutions comply with legal obligations governing any institution providing internet access. It's also compliant to GDPR.