Wifi in the health context
The rise of the New technologies represent a real opportunity to rethink and transform IT in healthcare facilities.

The establishment of a MuliBox solution for access control on the network helps provide high-performance IP services specifically designed to facilitate the work of health personnel, increase their productivity, but also accompany all chain of hospital stakeholders (internal and external personnel, medical staff, patients, families).
Indeed, developments in medicine mean that each case is treated with multiple stakeholders (general, medical specialists, radiologists anesthetists, nurses, domestic ...) dispersed within the site in various services, or outside. Furthermore, the well being of the patient (hospitalized patient's charter; family at the bedside, coaching, ...) is an element that medicine wish to consider and which can be facilitated with effective Internet access. Thus it does not cut ties with home, office, friends, outside ...). Facilitate exchanges at any time between the various stakeholders is to provide the means of effective medicine.

The MultiBox solutions in response to specific hospital environment
MultiBox allows to implement powerful computer tools borrowed from the operator and industrial market,that exactly meet specific needs of the healthcare facility.

Necessary Personal Medical Folder accessibility in real time

  • Patient identification
  • Care record
  • Medical imaging
  • Emergency
  • Pharmaceuticals
  • Interveners

Service available 7/7 and 24H / 24 uninterruptible service

Management of network emergencies and quality of service (automatic management of network overload, machinery faultsline breaks)

  • Loadbalancing
  • Redundancy
  • Loadbalancing on WAN links
Multi-devices communications
  • Support any type of device (Laptops, Tabs, smartphone,...)

Multi-stakeholder communication

  • Medical real-time monitoring
  • Confidentiality of patient data (medical secrecy)
  • Data security
  • Advanced management rules of priority - priority connections rights - bandwidth allocation ...

Easy interfacing to specific medical applications
Web Services connection interfaces that connect to applications or existing machines and forthcoming.

Connection spaces control

  • Consolidation and integration of existing systems
  • Data dematerialization and archiving
  • Content and access protection (secure connections)
  • Web filtering by user profile
  • Priority access rights to the network
  • Bandwidth allocation (priority services) and restrictions restrictions
Simple management of subscription (free, with charge) 
according to individuals, locations, connection times

  • Multi-mode authentication (Autologin, login / passwordonline shopping, ...
  • Multi-types home portalstypes 

Ease of use

  • Easy connection for the user regardless of the device and the connection mode
  • Compliance industry standards
Compliance with legal obligations
  • Compliance with legal obligations governing any institution providing internet access
  • Compliance with GDPR

The MultiBox solutions for the hospital can effectively manage the quality of service required in hospitals (load balancing, redundancy machines, loadbalancing on WAN links), it is possible to address all types of users through portals, specific subscriptions and priority orders if necessary.